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The Mojo Medicine Show

Psychedelic, back porch blues at its best!

(pre-Chicago style blues, Louisiana swamp stomp & Southern bluegrass all on harmonica and washboard)

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The Mojo Medicine Show is an unique blues duo that blends the jug juice of 1930's juke band music with the electric kool-aid jams of the 1960's.

We have all kinds of live recordings available for free download, but have wanted to capture the magic, honesty and excitement of our live performance in the full audio fidelity that only a studio recording can offer. No Strings Attached has been engineered from start to finish to accomplish this goal, and we are now truly proud to offer these recordings to our fans.

Mojo Medicine Show

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All the full CD quality sound tracks plus the bonus video from our enhanced multimedia CD, No Strings Attached (May 2014), are available from Band Camp for $10.

"I love every song on this disc. If it doesn't get your blood flowing there is something wrong with you! The arrangements are over the top. Mad Dog is a monster on harmonica, one of Colorado's best. Dan keeps the beat and percussion purring like a kitten. It amazes me how much sound these two guys make. Always one of my favorites at at out IBC solo/duo competition. You will want to get this one for your collection.” ~ Tarry Underwood - in the Nov./Dec. 2014 Hollar (from the Colorado Blues Society)

Our improvisational, electronic album, Legalized (November 2014), is also now available from Band Camp for just $5 for six tracks (over an hour of insane electronic, strain-specific, improvisations inspired by the legal Colorado Cannabis.)

"Legalized. Frantic and explosive. No holds barred. Uncivilized technology in a necessary way." ~ Stephen Hartman, with Franklin' Stove, (Jan 01, 2015)

Complimentary Strain-Specific Download Cards are available at our favorite Colorado dispensary. Enjoy.

"Golden Goat Toke #3" at Peaceful Choice.

How about an experimental video taste of Legalized? You may never be the same... enjoy...

Also all audio tracks are available on iTunes & from CD Baby.

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